The project does not stand still, and we continue to add new mechanics and content to the game. About further plans and everything that awaits Starfall Online in the foreseeable future - read below.

December 2019

We continue to improve the new galaxy. More interesting quests and objects will appear in stellar systems, and the next powerful replenishment of the arsenal of guns awaits the pirates. At the initial stage of the game, more training tips will appear, we will pay special attention to the shortcomings of the game tutorial and technical optimization of the game. Do not forget about the improvement of movement algorithms in battle - this will affect the player’s fleets and pirates.


Galaxy research

  • Story line. The main quest chain dedicated to the Starfall global cataclysm and other events in the galaxy.
  • The study of the planets. New mechanics for interacting with uninhabited planets.
  • Research of stellar systems. New meetings, mysterious signals and other unexpected events.

Game content

  • Armament. New ships of all classes, equipment and modules.
  • Expanded line of single-player quests. More variety in ordinary missions on planets and space objects.
  • Side story quests. Chains of quests that reveal the Starfall Online game universe deeper.
  • Achievements. Particularly difficult achievements, as well as unique rewards for them.
  • Events and mini-events. Temporary combat missions in random systems.


  • Enhanced NPC Intelligence. Refining the intelligence of non-player characters, teaching them new tactics, increasing diversity in battles.
  • Raid content. Complex space battles for several players and unique rewards for them.
  • NPC fractions. In addition to the usual opponents, new enemies with new technologies will appear.


  • PvP zones. Battles between factions in special zones on the galaxy map.
  • PvP tournaments. Organized tournaments with prizes. Will be held on a regular basis.


  • Customization avatar. Character generator for the game character.
  • Customization in the game. New paints, skins and emblems, decor for shipyard and other objects.