About the game

MMO, strategy and tactical wargame

Build a space fleet and join the battle! The universe shudders from large-scale battles, and you will become one of the leaders in this war. At your disposal is a huge arsenal of spaceships of different classes, modules with military technology and hundreds of weapons. Fight in other PvP modes with other players or test yourself and friends in PvE.


Complete customization of ships

Build ships and learn technology. You have full control over the equipment of the ship: choose weapons, the amount of armor, the capacity of the shields, the speed of their recovery, the type of engines, explore and use the captured modules. Each type of equipment has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you can find your own version of a perfectly balanced fleet.

Combat system

Advanced tactics

Command the fleet and lead your faction to prosperity. Tactics play a major role in Starfall Online battles, and any mistake can be decisive. The game has ballistics, which works according to the laws of physics, destructible modules, and many tactics that will defeat a strong enemy by cunning, and not by the number of ships. Consider the composition of the fleet and the shortcomings of the enemy, act quickly, maneuver and prepare the fleet for any surprises.

Игровой мир

Sector Capture and Universe Exploration

Explore the world around you and find in it an activity that interests you the most. Hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets are full of unexpected surprises and valuable finds. You will meet with pirates, traders, scientists, miners and other inhabitants of the universe. Complete tasks of different factions, get resources, find like-minded people, trade and fight enemies. Endless space awaits, are you ready?

Choose your side

Build a fleet and conquer star systems


Descendants of people left on Earth. Many of those who survived the disastrous Black Blizzard found opportunities that were not available to them before. The outcasts joined forces and more than once proved that their free union is stronger than the rest seems.


Brave warriors, pragmatic explorers and loyal followers of the mysterious Father. Humanity almost died due to its own weakness in the past and did not learn from this lesson. He needs reliable protection against the repetition of mistakes: discipline, a clear hierarchy and the wisdom of their leader.


A wealthy corporation managed by a board of directors. Eclipse builds its influence on advanced technologies and successful penetration into all areas of interest to it. These interests are not limited by any means, but more than her appetites, only her power.

history of the universe

2171-2192 years. The appearance of forecasts of irreversible environmental disasters on Earth and a critical increase in the radiation background. A decision was made to prepare the Exodus project: relocation to the closest habitable planet Ankor.

January 8, 2350. Beginning of the Exodus project. The regular departures of the giant Earth-Anchor shuttles begin, transporting millions of specialists and those who could afford an expensive ticket. The ecological crisis on Earth is approaching a critical phase. The colony on Anchor gets the name "Vanguard".

July 29, 2375 Closing of the Exodus project due to exhaustion of resources and unstable political and social situation. More than 3 billion people were evacuated. Among the remaining 7 billion on the dying Earth, rebellions break out. Ecological disaster is aggravated, the population is grouped in underground shelters and near treatment plants. By 2450, the population is reduced to 2 billion people.

May 17, 2511 Foundation of Eclipse Corporation, which receives a grant from the Vanguard management for the development of rich deposits of natural resources.

February 13, 2824 - April 12, 2830 A black blizzard on Earth. A mysterious phenomenon that has exposed the inhabitants of the Earth’s surface to radical mental changes. The inhabitants of the subsoil have not changed as much as the inhabitants of the surface, but their mental health has also been shaken.

November 7, 2874 - January 15, 2876 - A large non-hysteria disaster. The devastating explosion in one of the Eclipse laboratories on the planet Scintilla caused the death of more than a billion people. At mass rallies, colonists demand that Eclipse be brought to justice. After a major collision at the military factories of the planet Odia, a party of warships falls into the hands of the rebels. The rebels call themselves the Sons of the Vanguard.

August 12, 2902 The capital planet Anchor is captured by the Sons of the Vanguard. The old government is brought to justice. The father - the leader of the Sons of the Vanguard - breaks off relations with Eclipse Corporation, considering it the main sponsor of the ousted government and the culprit of crimes against humanity. A split occurs among the colonies, some of them take the side of the Sons of the Vanguard.

June 21, 2905. Many people living in the bowels of the Earth show a number of talents associated with the assembly of complex devices. Most skills are intuitive and not always understood by the owners themselves. Many see the connection between the appearance of unusual abilities and the Black Blizzard. On Earth, the recycling of old equipment and the creation of new devices that will allow the population not only to survive, but also to restore the Earth, begins.

2902-2920 The avant-garde successfully captures several non-hysteria mines and gains the trust of the inhabitants of Ankora. The eclipse begins a retaliatory action, depriving the Sons of the Vanguard of valuable resources, and is actively propaganda against the rebels. Sons of the Vanguard respond with censorship and tightening of laws.

November 3482 Vanguard scanners record an unknown spaceship whose signatures do not match either the signatures of the Eclipse or the signatures of the Les Miserables. According to scanners, the ship crashes on the neutral planet Tartarus, located in the border zone. Negotiations on the right to investigate the crash site between the leadership of the Vanguard and Eclipse do not bring results.

November 25, 3482 An eclipse provokes the bombardment of one of the colonies of the Les Miserables by the forces of the Vanguard. Five days later, the Les Miserables strike back in the Tartarus region, which marks the beginning of a full-scale war.

January 15, 3521 A wave of anomalous energy swept from the center of the galaxy to its outskirts. Communication between star systems was interrupted, previously laid routes were not available. Humanity was isolated on the wreckage of a torn world and could not imagine what was happening outside. This catastrophe was called "Starfall" and it changed everything that the galaxy lived up to this day.